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SD Card

Phương pháp giao tiếp với SD Card

I2C using GPIO

Communicate to I2C devices with GPIO

Logic lavel

Introduction We live in a world of analog signals. In digital electronics, however, there are only two states – ON or OFF. Using these two states, devices can encode, transport, and control a great deal of data. Logic levels, in the broadest sense, describes any specific, discrete state that a signal can have. In digital electronics, we...

Operation principle - Modelling

This article describe overview about DC motor


The driver is a digital DC servo driver developed with ARM Coretex-M3 and high efficient MOSFET technologies. In position control, it’s easy for the end users to change stepping drivers to the MSDI410V2 without changing control systems, because its input command is PUL/DIR signal, which is compatible with that of stepping drivers. In low power...



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